Stay Organized

Our calendar app allows you to import your events, tasks, and meeting invitations from various calendar applications. Keep your appointments straight with our multiple calendar view.

A revolutionary and vastly superior alternative to current Q.A. documentation and approved supplier management practices.

TeleSensetemperature monitoring ability.


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TeleSense key features:

Photos, Videos, Files

  • Avoid outdated SOP's and forms - fully programmable admin, email alerts when update action is required.
  • Safe, secure admin, protected storage of documents on Amazon's top ranked server - Documents upload upon completion and are accessible immediately, 24/7.
  • Built in versatility - Pre loaded templates for all applicable scenarios.
  • Accountability - User comment and review tracking - History and document movement interface.
  • Accelerate sign off procedures - Quick Link Register for status and easy reference of all documents.
  • Easy to use - Built in training modules and competency check systems.​
  • Save time, labor and money - Avoid the "human error factor"​

Document Management Control

Paperless Work


Manage tasks, documents, register, and emergency contacts online with the help of our paperless office solution. Our motto is effective communication and easy information sharing while keeping it secure.

We’re committed to providing small businesses with mobile app solutions that will help them run their business more efficiently. 
For most people, tracking finances, organizing meetings, and keeping up with clients and business contacts is no small task. So, we want make it as easy and convenient as possible. From your mobile device, you can access your information anytime, anywhere you have internet access. 

Gorilladox Food Safety Management System Software
Mobile App Solution

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Consultation and Training

A knowledge and efficient Food Safety Consultant can be invaluable asset during certification, with Gorilladox we provide a unique blend of consulting and training skills.

Internal and External Auditing

Manage all documents for audits, and keep pace with changing regulatory environments. Gorilladox will ensure integrity of internal and third party audits by integrating the audit documentation into an enterprise wide platform.

  • Continuous temperature & humidity monitoring for Food-at-rest and Food-in-motion 
  • Real-time temp data capture, alerting and automated logging and compliance reporting
  • Works offline for shipping for up to 30 days
  • 1-year battery life in small portable enclosure
  • Reduce labor costs with more accuracy and let the technology help you get better results
  • Sets up and go in less than 15 minutes – it just works!


This easily manageable app allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business. Never again will you miss a meeting, or more importantly miss a critical change in your business accounts. Stay on top of your business affairs whether you in the office, traveling between clients, or on a much needed vacation. Peace of mind is in the palm of your hand.

Using our gallery app, you can keep your photos, videos, presentations, and other files, within arms reach. Your files are stored on the cloud for easy access from wherever you need them.